Good morning, Making Space for God friends! Today I have been pondering the story in Scripture about the talents in the 25th chapter of Matthew verses 14-30,  Jesus commended the workers who put their talents (in those days referred to money) to good use. He reprimanded the  one man who buried his treasure. Jesus made it very clear that we have a responsibility to use the gifts that the Lord has given us.


Rick Warren pastor of Saddleback church poses the question: ” Are you using what God has given you for the benefit of others to make the world a better place/ Or are you just using those talents to benefit yourself?”

Food for thought…

Am I?

Are you… using your God-given gifts in a way that brings pleasure to God?

My sweet pea grandson had to take Greek cookies to his school so he asked his mother to make them. Instead, she brought home store-bought baklava. Two blows: 1) they were not kouloudakias which he had requested and 2) he had promised his class homemade Greek cookies.

Now I am not outing my daughter. May is the craziest month ever for mothers and kids. But I did chuckle when I got a text at 6 AM from my daughter:

“Help Mom…. I am rolling out these spiteful cookies that are hard as a rock!” Her husband had made them the night before and now they needed to be rolled out into the pretty kouloudakia shapes.


She fully admitted that baking Greek cookies was not her gift. I would concur.

But how do we know what gifts and talents we have? Here are some ways to know:

  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • What do others say about the gifts they see in you?
  • What do you do that obviously brings pleasure to others?

If you use your talent wisely, God will give you more. God expects you to use your talents for the benefit of others and when you do you will know His pleasure.

In the movie, Chariots of Fire there is one line that is often quoted. The runner says that he feels God’s pleasure when he is running.


Friends, when you use your God-given gifts, not only will others benefit, but you will also know the pleasure of God.

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  • Steve Patterson

    Thanks for sharing. God does give us gift to use for His benefit. That is why we make up the body of Christ. Thanks for sharing your story. I know God had gifted me in graphic design and I use it to help my church with things and a ministries. It is always a blessing when you can use your gift for God and not man.

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