For today’s Making Space for God Monday post, I want to share with you an entry from my new devotional, Sitting at His Feet, which is a compilation of journal entries from my personal quiet times with the Lord. These writings come out of my wrestling through issues with Him in the Word and in prayer and the comfort He has given me in the process. They come from a heart to heart meeting with the Lord.

The entries are grouped by subject so that you can quickly access a writing that addresses an area of struggle or growth.  Each writing is followed by a list of Scripture verses for further reading so that as you read the Scripture, you can ask the Lord to speak to you through His Word.

The entry I want to share with you today is about busyness. In the coming months, families everywhere will be filling their calendars with baseball games, dance recitals, end of the school year banquets and ceremonies, weddings and much more. These are all great things! We must remember, though, that God calls us to be fruitful – not busy – and that we can only do so by abiding in Him. Let’s take a look at what he calls us to do:

Are you aware that busyness takes you from me? It steals your time and your energy and threatens to overtake you.  B-U-S-Y—Being –Under-Satan’s-Yoke. My child, when you stay on the hamster wheel of busyness, you end up under Satan’s yoke. Release yourself from the pressure of perfectionism and drivenness. My desire for you is to be fruitful not busy. When you are fruitful you have been abiding in me, the Vine. I know the plans I have for you for good, and my plans do not include stress. My plans are for your perfect peace as you seek my will. Keep in step with me and follow my lead. I will lead you in the way that you should go and not push or drive you. I will gently lead you beside still waters. When you take the path that I have chosen for you, you will find freedom and peace. Stress-induced followers are not surrendered followers. Surrender your plans, and I will show you a new way to live in me.

Isaiah 26:3; Luke 10:38-42; John 15:7-8


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